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Some random assortment of roguelike links

RogueBasin - Roguelike Development Wiki

DungeonDweller - Amongst other things, contains a collection of useful algorithms for roguelikes. A great resource for developers.

Simugraph development library - Contains some algorithms for development, not as much as DungeonDweller but there are a few good things there.

Roguelike graveyard - A home for abandoned roguelike projects.

Roguelike Restoration project - A project dedicated to making Windows/Linux ports for old Rogue variants.

ADoM - A great Roguelike game. Inspired me to make a roguelike myself!

NetHack - Another very popular roguelike game. Perhaps the most popular.

Linley's Dungeon Crawl - A somewhat-popular roguelike game with much simpler gameplay than ADoM/NetHack, yet still fun to play.

Angband - A roguelike game with many variants.

T.O.M.E - My favourite variant of Angband, also probably the most original one.

Moria - A classic Roguelike from the 1980s, Angband is based on its source code.